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Rabu, 31 Agustus 2011

The Ultimate Internet Marketing Shortcut

Written by: Beau Blackwell, Client Knowledge Guru

What if I told you that, as a ClickBank insider, I knew of a huge shortcut to Internet marketing success? Something that allows you to quickly overcome a lot of the roadblocks to success that many Internet marketers (especially new people, but even some veterans) face in building their businesses? Is that something you’d consider investing in?

What I’m talking about isn’t a new piece of affiliate software, a training course, or even a new traffic technique used only by Internet marketing “ninjas.” Nope, it’s much simpler (and a lot more fun) than any of those.

OK, I won’t leave you hanging any longer. The biggest “shortcut” to IM success that I’ve found in years of working at ClickBank is: attending industry conferences.

There are quite a few reasons why conferences are such a great place to jump-start your marketing business or reach the next level of success, but I’ll share a few of my favorites here:

One of the toughest parts of being in the Internet marketing industry is trying to meet the “right” people who can help you grow and succeed. With the anonymity of the Internet, and how bombarded everyone is by email, IMs, and more, it can be incredibly tough to get through to people and get them to help you. At face to face events like conferences, though, I’ve found that it’s much, much easier to meet even big names in the IM industry and become friends with them. I’ve met and become friends with some huge names in our industry over the years, and almost every one of these relationships has started at a conference.

Besides having access to people you can’t normally reach, there’s a level of trust that only comes from meeting people face to face and showing them that you’re a person they want to work with. Trust is really hard to achieve with an anonymous communication method like email, but a 5 minute conversation at a conference can overcome that barrier and get people to trust and like you, and be willing to share valuable tips or otherwise help you out. This alone can make a huge difference to your marketing success!

Another great thing about industry conferences is that they typically attract some great speakers- people who are already successful in Internet marketing and are willing to share some of their secrets. One of the things I love about attending conferences is that you end up hearing the same kinds of great tips and techniques you would normally have to get by buying IM products, but one conference ticket can get you the same amount of information as 10 high-priced programs!

The information shared in these sessions is usually the most cutting-edge stuff, since speakers like to share the latest techniques they’ve just learned and are secretly competing with the other speakers to be the most interesting and impressive. At a show I attended last year, Ryan Deiss’ Traffic and Conversion Summit, I learned about all kinds of cool tips and tricks I’d never heard of before despite being an Internet marketing veteran and ClickBank insider. Investing in an industry conference can be one of the best ways to make sure you’re up on the latest techniques and staying ahead of the competition. You can use this advantage to really boost your Internet marketing earnings.

As I’ve said in an earlier blog post, two of the biggest keys to Internet marketing success are dedication and perseverance. Since Internet marketing is usually a business where you’re working alone, it’s easy to get distracted or discouraged and give up before you’ve hit the big time.

One proven way to counteract that is to be accountable to other people. If you tell other people what you’re working on, you’re a lot more likely to stick with it even when the going is tough.

With that in mind, one powerful byproduct of conferences is that friendships and Mastermind-style groups tend to form during and after the show. Being in one of these groups can help provide that accountability, as well as introducing you to kindred spirits you can get help from or ask questions of when you can’t figure something out for yourself. A show I attended recently has a lively “alumni” group that formed after the event, where people have supported each other’s projects and offered a ton of helpful free advice that would have otherwise been much more difficult or expensive to get. That’s just another example of how the initial investment in the show can keep paying dividends long after it’s over.

Hopefully by now you recognize what a HUGE shortcut to success conferences can be! If you’re ready to make an investment in your Internet marketing success, you’re in luck. Coming up on August 19-20 (just a few short weeks away), ClickBank is hosting our first-ever industry conference called the ClickBank Exchange.

We’ve lined up one of the most impressive lists of speakers ever seen at an industry conference, including social media guru Gary Vaynerchuk, direct response marketing geniuses like Joe Polish and Joe Sugarman, Internet marketing superstars like Yanik Silver, Russell Brunson, Marc Ostrofsky, and Ryan Lee, and top-selling ClickBank clients like Jeff Siegel, Chris Farrell, Jon Benson, and over a dozen more!

No matter what aspect of your business you want to grow like never before, the Exchange is the place to do it. Remember the connections I mentioned earlier? The people you’ll meet at the Exchange will be some of the highest-caliber Internet marketers on the planet, and will give you insider access to marketing secrets and shortcuts that you really cannot get anywhere else.

To get on the fast track to success through industry conferences, you NEED to sign up for the ClickBank Exchange today! It’s less than 3 weeks away, and won’t come around again for another year, so do not miss out! I’ll be there, of course, and I hope to see you there too.

BONUS: Want to save $100 on your ticket? Just enter the coupon code shortcut at the first step of the registration!

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